The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner


My Rating:  4 Stars

The Husband Hour was not only enjoyable to read  (I actually was able to read this one within 24 hours – but I also am on vacation which helps), but it also shed light on the horrible dangers incurred when athletes get concussions. Continue reading


The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Alger


My Rating:  4.5 Stars

Hold on to your seat when you start to read The Banker’s Wife.  It’s a fast-paced thriller in the world of finance and offshore secret bank accounts.  I was drawn to the book because I worked in banking in my early career and the world of finance still interests me. Continue reading

No Time to Blink by Dina Silver


My Rating:  4 Stars

Dina Silver was one of the authors who presented at the Christamore House Book and Author Luncheon and is a  Purdue University graduate.  She didn’t really tell a lot about the book, No Time to Blink, because she didn’t want to give a lot away.  She did mention that she got the idea from something that happened in a friend’s family history. Continue reading

The Lido by Libby Page


My Rating:  4.5

The Lido is an uplifting, heartwarming debut novel showing how relationships and community connections can change lives. Kate who is prone to panic attacks is an introverted low-level journalist for a community newspaper who is assigned to cover a story about the potential closing of the local Lido (outdoor, open swimming pool) and community center for a developer who proposes to build apartments with a private tennis court in its place.  The receptionist at the pool suggests Kate interview 87-year-old Rosemary who has been swimming at the Lido for 80 years.  These two lonely souls forge a friendship as they endeavor to save the Lido, in the process allowing each of them to grow and discover an inner strength.  The coming together of the community to preserve the Lido shows the importance of community and the importance of those relationships brought together by a community.  This book will pull at your heart-strings as you experience their hope, loss, determination, struggles, and love.  This book will be published in July in the United States.  Be on the lookout for it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of the book for review.

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  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (July 10, 2018)