The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger

the red hunter

I’ve read other Lisa Unger books, and they have always been good thrillers.  This one is no exception.  Claudia Bishop is trying to move on with her daughter, Raven, after her marriage falls apart following her rape.  Her father left an old house to her after his death, and she has decided to start anew and restore the dwelling.  Zoey Drake has also been marked by a huge tragedy in her life.  When she was a child, her parents were killed in front of her during a home invasion, and she was shot, tortured, and left for dead.  She has since been consumed with what happened to her and seeks revenge.  The story is told through alternating chapters about each character’s story and unfolds in a pace that quickly increases as these two different lives eventually merge together in a complex story.  Lisa is an excellent writer and writes an interesting, detailed plot that nonetheless is action packed with twists and turns and well-developed, interesting characters. This particular book explores how people react to and handle trauma in different ways.  Some just move one, some seek justice, and others seek revenge.  I listened to this one and Julia Whelan does an excellent job reading this one.



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