Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

behind her eyes

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but there has been a lot going on in my life recently. I’ve read/listened a good bit so I hope to be posting more regularly and frequently with the books I’ve read.  This one was a compelling and a gripping  read that quickly drew me in.  I would say it was a page turner, but I actually listened to this one.  The story revolves around 3 characters.  Louise who is a single mom meets a man in a bar, David, and has a fabulous evening with him that ends in a kiss only to realize on Monday that he is her new boss and also married. Shortly thereafter Louise runs into his wife, Adele, and they become friends before she realizes it is his wife.  Although she knows she needs to get out of the relationship with Adele and David, she gets caught up with them, creating a love triangle and discovering that there are secrets in their marriage.  The book is told from alternating narratives and keeps you guessing as to what is really going on and who is to be believed.  It’s hard to describe more without giving away plot lines.  The book does have some fantastical elements that could be off-putting if you can’t suspend disbelief, but that didn’t bother me.  Also, I had read enough reviews before starting this book to know that there was a whopper of a twist, so I was trying to predict the outcome.  I will say I didn’t see that ending coming. All in all, this was a well-done psychological thriller.




2 thoughts on “Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

  1. Kathryn Treaster says:

    Because I could not suspend belief I wanted to throw the book across the room with the ending. Of course it was on my ipad cause I was listening so I didn’t. I thought the book should have been listed as science fiction and then I wouldn’t have read it.


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