The Perfect Son By Barbara Claypole White


Felix and Ella Fitzwilliam are parents of a child with special needs.  Their brilliant teenage son, Harry, struggles with Tourette’s.  Felix has been a successful, perfectionist, workaholic investment banker and hasn’t been very involved with the family.  Ella, however, has left her career to be a full-time mom for Harry, and she guides his life minutely and with strong support.  When Ella has a near fatal heart attack on a return flight home, life for this family changes drastically.  Ella must take time for her recovery, so the day-to-day task of caring for Harry falls on Felix who is ill-equipped to handle the role.  Everyone is struggling with the situation, as both father and son are both worried about Ella and also don’t really understand each other and struggle to get along. As time progresses the father and son learn how to adapt to each other, and their bond grows stronger as they face the prospect of possibly losing Ella.  I loved the way the book was developed.  As the story progresses you learn more about Felix and what causes him to be the way he is, and the bond that eventually builds between father and son was touching.  I also enjoyed the way that Harry had learned to manage and and make accommodation for his disorders.  This is a heartwarming book about a family in crisis.


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