The Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

lucky boy

I really enjoyed listening to this book read by Soneeda Nankani and Roxana Ortega and often found myself sitting in my garage or a parking lot to hear more when I arrived at my destination.  The story line centers around two women who both love one little boy.  Solimar Valdez is an eighteen year old who flees her impoverished village in Mexico because there is no one left her age and there are no opportunities.  Along the way to America she meets a boy and becomes pregnant with Ignacio.  Her cousin helps her find employment when she arrives in America, and she begins a productive and comfortable life for herself and Ignacio in her new country.   Meanwhile, Kavya Reddy and her husband, Rishi, live in Berkley, CA and long to have a child, but their efforts have been unsuccessful.  Kavya and Rishi  begin considering adopting a child. Meanwhile, after her cousin runs a red light, Solimar and her cousin are arrested, and Ignacio is placed in foster care because his mother is imprisoned and facing deportation. Kavya and Rishi  begin fostering him and then decide to proceed with the adoption process.  The two families’ worlds connect when Solimar tries to get Ignacio back before being deported.  This book is beautifully and descriptively written with believable characters and real-life situations.  It takes an honest look at complex situations without pronouncing moral judgements.  This is another book that would be good for a book group discussion.

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