Leave Me by Gayle Forman


Maribeth Klein in a a forty-year-old married mother of twins with a high-stress job when she suffers two heart attacks.  She returns home shortly after double bypass surgery to recuperate.  Her husband expects her to just pick up and continue as if nothing has happened, continuing the household tasks and childcare routines, and she becomes overwhelmed.  She packs her bags, a lot of cash, and gets on a train to escape.  She doesn’t leave any word of where she is. Weeks go by without any contact with her husband.  This is a book that I enjoyed and could identify with in some respects, but ultimately there were too many parts that just didn’t work for me.  I think there are a lot of working women out there who at one time or another have felt overwhelmed and the thought of escape is appealing.  A reader can feel some sense of connection with that.  I did have problems with the relationship that developed with her new cardiologist.  I didn’t feel that it was very believable, and I thought things wrapped up a little too easily with her husband.  The book would have been better if the author had spent more time and attention on realistically working out the situation with her husband.

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