The Girl Before by P.J. Delaney

the girl before delaney

I recently finished this book that came out around the same time as another book with same title. I wrote about the other book in a previous post.  This is the book that is getting more publicity, but even though I enjoyed this one, I enjoyed the other one much more and found it more compelling and suspenseful.  This book was also similar because it also has alternating chapters titled “then”  and “now”.  The story line alternates between two different women who move into an  award winning minimalist techno house on One Folgate Street.  To reside in the house the applicants had to answer a strange application that asks strange personal questions, and most applicants are turned down.  The eccentric, obsessive, control freak designer/owner, Edward Monkford, however accepts both Emma and her husband and Jane for his own mysterious reasons. Each of them have moved into the house after a personal tragedy.  Emma, “the girl before”, had been at home when her house was burgled and Jane recently lost her unborn baby. To live in the house, they have to abide by over 200 odd rules and are only allowed to bring a minimal amount of items with them. When Jane moves in she learns that Emma had mysteriously died in the house by supposedly falling down the stairs, but Jane who becomes involved with Edward starts looking into Emma’s life and begins to wonder if Edward is responsible for Emma’s death.  The suspense does increase as Jane’s path starts following along the same as Emma’s which is revealed through the alternating chapters.

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