Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood


Hag-Seed is one of the books in the The Hogarth Project which has acclaimed authors of today writing a re-telling of one of Shakespeare’s plays.  As such, this is a re-telling of The Tempest and cleverly involves a play within a play.   Felix who has been dealing with the death of his daughter is the artistic director of the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival and all set to stage The Tempest when he is undermined by his devious assistant and replaced by him.  The show is canceled, and heartbroken Felix goes off the grid to a remote location where he also deals with not only the loss of the play but the loss of his daughter as well.  Years later he has the opportunity to put on a play with the inmates at a correctional facility and his clever plot for revenge takes place.  I loved the way Felix in his teacher role was able to engage the inmates in learning Shakespeare and acting.  The prisoners were colorful additions and added some humor to the mix. As an added note, I was not familiar with The Tempest and did not feel that impacted my enjoyment of the book.  It has inspired me to either read it now or go see the play.



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