Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton

This is the eighth entry in the Alex McKnight mystery series.  Alex McKnight is a retired Detroit police officer who has experienced personal violent loss and now lives in a cabin in Paris, Michigan with a bullet lodged near his heart.  He is surprised one day to find police chief and arch enemy, Maven, at his door  with a request for Alex.  He would like for him to look into a suicide of a young college student who was found hanging from a tree in remote Misery Bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  His father, a friend of Maven’s and  a U.S. Marshall, is struggling with his son’t death and would just like someone to look into why his son might have done this.  Although Alex doesn’t usually do private investigation he is one of two with a license in the small town.  Alex eventually agrees, but shortly afterward the father is found murdered in Maven’s home where he was staying.  Things quickly speed up and the body count continues as this case turns into something much more.  The book is fast paced with good characterization and a well-developed story with lots of twists.

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