Angels Burning by Tawni O’Dell


This was my first Tawni O’Dell book and it was a page turner for me.  I don’t think she typically writes mystery/thrillers, but this was an excellent literary mystery.  The book begins when a beaten and partly burned body of a 16 year old girl is found in an abandoned coal town in rural Pennsylvania.  The girl is a member of a dysfunctional, redneck, family of criminals and lovable 50 -year-old Police Chief Dove Carnahan is thrown into solving her most difficult case. To help her with the case, she brings in her friend (with sometimes benefits) Nolan Greely of the State Police.  Her life becomes more difficult when the man who was convicted of killing her mother when she was a teenager is released from prison and returns to town proclaiming his innocence, and her brother shows up after being gone for 25 years with a nine year old son she and her protective sister knew nothing about.  The book has a engrossing story with well developed, interesting characters, witty dialog, some humorous content, well written sense of place, intricate family dynamics, and unexpected twists along the way. I’ll definitely read more of her books.

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