Welcome to my book blog!


Welcome to my first blog on my new website!  I plan to post reviews of books I have read or discuss topics relating to books.  I’d love to hear from you along the way.  I thought I ‘d start this blog by talking about one of my favorite books that I just re-read for one of my book groups.  It is Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon.  My neighborhood book group actually read this book before I joined them, and they all kept raving about it over the years, so I eventually read it myself.  I loved this book, and it is definitely in my top 10.  I have since recommended it to my husband (who has also recommended it to others),  friends, patrons, and most recently, my new book group.  Almost everyone has been equally as enthusiastic about it.

The book is set in the sixties in a small town in Alabama called Zephyr, and the main character, Cory Mackenson, is 11 years old. In the beginning of the book Cory is riding with his father early one morning as his father makes his milk deliveries when a car goes flying past them  and sinks into the lake.  His father goes in after the car only to find an unknown dead man handcuffed to the steering wheel.  The mystery of who was in the car and why he was killed remains throughout the book although it isn’t always front and center in the story.  The story revolves around Corey’s life during the year and that magical time growing up.

The book is a blend of  genres but is mainly a coming of age story with a mystery and some fantastical elements thrown in it as well.   Robert McCammon is an excellent story teller and his writing is so well done that you feel like you are right there with the characters living in that small town during that time period.  His writing is very descriptive without being overly so.  The book has an element of magical realism in it which I usually don’t care for, but it really worked for me in this book. I enjoyed the themes of good vs. evil and the magic of childhood and the loss of innocence.  I really don’t do the book justice describing it, but I encourage you to pick it up and give it a try. I think you’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “Welcome to my book blog!

  1. Kathy Treaster says:

    Saw this on Facebook and thought I would give it a try, I have access to Hoopla and they have a copy of the audiobook. Will read it soon.


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